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Nov. 15th, 2004 @ 04:41 am (no subject)
image: a short little blue gnome sits atop her seat within Solusek's Eye. tired, beaten, worn, she sits and awaits a goblin, to maim and kill for all his goodies, to help her on her way:

Hello journal, here I am again. I am sitting here in this hazy red land of solusek's eye, awaiting Lord Gimblox. I jouryned here with my friends Atmo, Shary and Whestra and Napier. we took the goblins by storm and in a rush of battle, Shary and Whestra gathered abotu 30 of them in our little room to drop thier loots for us. Twas much fun. Into the night, I followed Sir Atmo around and ran into mischeif as i sat helplessly by and watched the brute murder my mining family deep within the lands. I forgive him though, never really liked my mining family much.

Alas the night drew long and my friends departed, leaving me to my camp. a long and boring camp it is. I did however make a self portrait in my time here, and it is here for you to see :

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