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Nov. 10th, 2004 @ 03:47 am (no subject)
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Hello all! making the first post here so bear with me :)

Today was grand fun for me and my new family. We traveled through the snowy lands of Velious to reach our destination at the giant home of Kael Drakkal. There we bravely encountered many friece giants and stole all thier good stuff so we can be as tuff as they are. However, The avatar of war did not like this much and thusly saught to return the pain by bashing us all down. We will avenge ourselves though, no question about that. The more of his minions we destroy, the stronger we becomes, so only time will tell.

After exploring strange lands with my family, I settled down to relax, only to be swept up again by my friend Susperia, who invited me to gain my first flag, as well as my first aa point. good times were had.

Later in the eve I slipped into my alternate Ego, Ayna, and went galloping through the mines of High Hold Keep, giving those goblins a run for thier money. The gobbies didnt like this much though, and sought revenge on Sirenia when she went to grab one and came back with more than half a dozen. Good laughs ensued as I managed to slip back into my Cleric form and return my friends spirits to thier bodies.

All around it was a good day for me. Now it is time to rest so another good day can follow tomorrow.

Goodnight norrath, rest peacefully this eve.
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